Transparency in governmental preparation processes

Interesting discussion here at Utb-dept. With regards to if we should have received written comments up for discussion, before the meeting, to be able to prepare. Good or bad? This meeting is not for repeating those memos but to talk about and above them, and to build some sense of commonality.

Organizer ‘defends’ themselves by saying there’s no possibility to distribute on such short notice. That is clearly not true. But, the consensus building process might not benefit from everyone being fully read up on everything, too. I totally agree we need a fresh eye. But the ability to choose to read or not should be individual and not caused by lack of insight in digital distribution solutions of our age and time.

Fredrik Sand at Stockholms handelskammare wrote about related issue,, yesterday. Should our internal documents memos up for discussion today… be widely available for everyone to see read and comment on? I think not at this stage, but definitely at earlier stage than in prior times, and more often. But the discussion must be allowed to be focused and demand prior knowledge, insight etc, which often is the point of failure when everyone is allowed to participate regardless of preparation at every stage. Basic community management with large challenges as outlined by Clay Shirky, Jono Bacon and others.

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  1. Peter Nõu skriver:

    Fail to link fredriks Twitter inline, is failure of wordpress iPad client and wordpress dashboard usage with a touch based input device (iPad…)


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